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Impression Parisienne is a new brand that specializes in embossed prints.

Impression Parisienne offers art collectors and enthusiasts original paper artwork of the highest standard, (created in collaboration with artists and designers), that combines the embossing technique with decidedly contemporary influences. 

The ambition:
• to give the artist a new medium for creative expression
• to print a three-dimensional illusion on a two dimensional paper medium
• to give art collectors, art-lovers and cultural lovers original artwork from unique artistic collaborations that are numbered, stamped and signed by the artist
• to respect and value the unique and classic French technique that is embossing



Embossing is a traditional printing technique that accentuates the paper, as well as the creation and production of multiple replications of an image.

Previously unrecognized, this technique has made a notable comeback to the graphic arts scene, inviting artists to play with volume, light and shadow.

 Ivan Messac

Ivan Messac

Each embossed print by Impression Parisienne tells a story; a story of the artist but also of the studio that conceived and dedicated its expertise to the design.


We seek collaborations with artists and designers possessing assertive personalities, a unique flair and an artistic approach consistent with the embossing technique.