Vue elliptique de dos comme de Face… II by Ivan Messac

Vue elliptique de dos comme de Face… II by Ivan Messac

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" Vue elliptique de dos comme de Face…” by Ivan Messac, 2016

Dimensions: 50x65 cm /// 19.5x25.5 Inches
Publisher: Limited edition of 35 signed and numbered by hand by the artist
Print: Embossing and hot stamping print on white paper 710 g / m²
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The collaboration between Ivan Messac and Paris Impression is a continuation of the work of Ivan Messac.

Ivan Messac, born in 1948, painter and sculptor, is associated with the movement known as the "Narrative Figuration". Ivan Messac exhibits including 1977 in "Mythologies daily" at the Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris.

He then produced many sets and costumes.

After this passage to painting, is the sculpture that becomes its support and preferred means of work and research. Working in Carrara, he emancipated from the "Narrative Figuration". His first sculptures date from 1983.

In the 2000s, Ivan Messac returned to painting with, as in his early works, a critical view of his time.

In recent years, Ivan Messac returned to sculpture and created a stir in 2014 with the exhibition "2 time 2D" the Baudoin Lebon Gallery.

Each subject painted on an aluminum support, composite, digitally cut, is a historical model sculpture, another time. there we find Donatello, Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova as well as Maillol, Rodin and Boccioni.

This is somehow the use of metal and represented motif that make these works of sculpture in 2 dimensions. flat sculptures?

It is this approach that the collaboration of Ivan Messac to Paris Impression materializes in 2016.

The play of light and shade offered by the technique of embossing, will revive the Venus escaping in the darkness, taken from the original work "after midnight", created by Ivan Messac in 2013.

By creating black and white prints series entitled "elliptical back view as Face ...", signed and numbered from 35 copies, Ivan Messac offers a new writing of sculpture in relief on a support 2 dimensions .